Poopli+IVSMagic - automated video sharing This is friggin awesome.
--archdog99, creator of Poopli
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Release 0.13

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Release 0.12

Release 0.11

See the Demo page for a demonstration of the new features, or download now.


What does it do?
Poopli+IVSMagic automates some features of ReplayTV DVRs, for those owners who use the internet video sharing feature of ReplayTV. Anybody who does not own a ReplayTV DVR will not find it useful at all. Those who do have ReplayTV and have tried it have found it very convenient.

Poopli is a website for ReplayTV owners to request shows from other ReplayTV owners. It's a big database of ISN numbers and shows available. In the old days you had to get the ISN number from Poopli, walk to your couch, and enter the ISN on a remote control.

IVSMagic is some web-based software you can run on a home PC that allows you to send shows by entering an ISN on a webpage.

Poopli+IVSMagic puts these together, taking the information on Poopli and feeding it directly to IVSMagic and vice-versa, so that you have the following features on the Poopli web pages:

In addition, some more minor UI conveniences have been added to the Poopli user experience:

What do I need to use it?
Poopli+IVSMagic is a Firefox add-on, which means it runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. In order to use Poopli+IVSMagic, you'll need:

Once you have those things working, try to download it.

How do I use it?
When you first visit Poopli after installing the Poopli+IVSMagic script, you will be asked for the URL for your IVSMagic page. This typically looks something like "". Be sure that if you enter that URL in your web browser you get your IVSMagic page, and that you've configured IVSMagic and it knows about your ReplayTV(s).

Once you've given it the URL, Poopli+IVSMagic will download information about your available shows and any transfers you have in progress, and display the progress information. In addition, any ISN numbers on Poopli will have a little test icon next to them for you to test them in place, and when you send a show you'll be able to select a show and send it directly from the Poopli window.

Try it!